Owlsquatch Chronicles


Your approach spurred a flood of memories.Dreams and fears of years gone by. What words could be shared.Between pieces of the same. Are you still the friend I remember?Am I still yours? Everything is different.Aged not through years. Yet very the same.Hearts entwined without missing a beat. Dear friend,Hello.

Sink beneath the surface,Heat drawn from my veins. My body goes numb,My mind awakens. Breath is shallow,Fear creeps in. Pause, inhale, pause, exhale,Breath, thank, wait, release. Anxiety dispelled,Leaving room for something new. Schools of fish wander past,Stones polished till smooth. Waiting for something,Will I know when it’s here? The sun retires as the star dance on stage,I rise from my shrine. Drip dry,Who I was is no more. Bare feet,The canopy blankets… Read More