Owlsquatch Chronicles


“I’ll never eat there again, they still use plastic straws.. disgusting.” As I carry my take out in styrofoam cartons, held neatly together in a plastic bag along side my plastic fork and knife.. Held in another plastic bag. . This sports players death was an absolute tragedy.. I’m devastated, they were such a idyllic person. -Over 150 dead in Beirut with thousands injured- ran across the news feed.. “damn, that’s crazy”… Read More

What is a necessity? What are the things you need? That answer many have changed a great deal in the last month. When everything is continuing as planned, it’s easy to continue habits of buy, trash, buy, forget, trash, eyes down, don’t talk, ignore, trash. But when there’s a disruption, autopilot shuts down, and we have to start to think. Before going to buy the next thing and see that, we stop,… Read More