Owlsquatch Chronicles


Nine,I take a seat. The morning sun highlights the dust dancing through the air,As soft rhythms form sweet melodies through my head. Just past the window a young squirrel leaps between trees,Cheeks chubby with new spring seeds. Breath in,Cool scent of lavender stirs life into my sleepy lungs. Breath out,Muscles relax into the soft fabric beneath me. Nine thirty,Sorry to keep you waiting sir. No problem,I wasn’t waiting.

He left the comforts of his life to search for what was missing. He wasn’t sure what that something was, but he felt confident he would know once he found it. Perhaps it was a greater sense of purpose, an exciting experience, money? In his journey, he walked along many paths; some were well worn by the soles of thousands of travelers, others were so scarcely tread upon, he was unsure if… Read More