Owlsquatch Chronicles


1715 began the Age of Enlightenment for Europe. A time when reason, the scientific method, and progress reigned above all. A time for growth as more then a country or culture, but to grow as a species. Of course not every individual supported these ideas, the world would be very different today if they had. There will always be those who cling to any amount of power, regardless of the lives effected…. Read More

She was never the most clever, the fastest, brightest, or funniest. She read slowly; she learned slowly. Her jokes fell short and she stumbled in her speech. But her religion was love; her philosophy was compassion. Her thoughts gave her strength, her actions gave her power. Power to choose happiness, and spread it to the world.

She rose to great heights, Now dancing among the skies, A nightly festival of lights, Gorgeous art to the eyes. Laying in a field of many, Crowned in a halo of gold, Love always in plenty, Beyond any had foretold. Rest, sweet queen, In memory you’ll remain, With us in every scene, Between Tokyo and Spain. I miss you, Sunflower.