About Me

Hello, my name is Antonio, or Tony. I’m currently living in Texas with dreams of making the world my place of residence. I studied neurobiology in university and am hoping to pursue a masters in the same with the goal of studying cognition.

Things I Enjoy

Outside of education, I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors in reverence to nature and our beautiful planet. I’m most at home when hiking and camping anywhere I am surrounded by the plants and animals we share the Earth with, and where I can sleep with the endless array of stars passing over head. Cooking and fermentation have been a wonderful source of creativity to me and are best when shared with friends and family. More recently I’ve become enamored with photography and writing; It’s been said “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and while it may be true, I believe the combination can move people greater then either could alone.


As is often the case, I have many goals that change as I learn more about myself. Currently, I hope to achieve a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, pursue research, and maybe teach at a university.

I am wanting to get rid of most of my possession, and purchase a van I can use as my home to better facilitate my desire to see more of the world as well as live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life.

Blog Purpose

I began writing on this website to attempt to better organize and capture my thoughts. I feel that by writing down my thoughts and experiences, I may better be able to analyze my experience of the human condition and continue to improve myself. I hope that something I talk about may have a profound impact on someone else’s life. If I can change a single life, then any time I spent here will be a success. If not, but I manage to entertain at least one person, well I’d call that a success as well.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or need someone to talk to.


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