Selective Empathy

“I’ll never eat there again, they still use plastic straws.. disgusting.”

As I carry my take out in styrofoam cartons, held neatly together in a plastic bag along side my plastic fork and knife.. Held in another plastic bag.


This sports players death was an absolute tragedy.. I’m devastated, they were such a idyllic person.

-Over 150 dead in Beirut with thousands injured- ran across the news feed.. “damn, that’s crazy”


“I cannot believe they eat bats, rats and dogs.. the savagery”

As I devour a hamburger that contains three separate animals all slaughtered in factory farms and lived in conditions so horrid there’s legislation in place to prevent it from being exposed to the general public.


“I posted a picture to support Australia after those horrible fires.”

“Wait, Siberia has been engulfed in flames for months?”


“Oh my goodness, I’m such a flower child. I just LOVE spring and nature! So beautiful.”

Before crushing the spider that crawled up my leg. “Gross.”


Why are some plastics awful, but others are acceptable?
Why do certain lives outweigh the lives of thousands?
Why are certain species sympathetic, while others are simply food?
Why do certain tragedies hold the spotlight, while others are left masked to the world?
Why do we love the beauty in the world, and shun what isn’t picturesque?

How do you define important?

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