On Touch

It’s a time that feels so long ago,
When you’d grab my hand, pulling me down the trail,
Desire to share your discovery glowing behind your eyes in the morning sun.

Days spent with minds and arms tangled in the kitchen,
Ingredients and instructions shouted over the melodies filling the air,
Hips bumping me away from the counter, because I’m chopping entirely wrong.

Evenings gathered around a table too small,
Nearly tipping your beer as you reach to smack my hand.
We never read the rules, because it was the company we truly gathered for.

Sleepless nights,
Minds happily lost in sweet sounds,
While our hands explored, eager for new discoveries.


Today we’re found in different times,
An opportunity to develop our words,
Where a simple touch could have spoken volumes.

In letters without voices
Through phones without faces,
Over videos without graces.

But when tomorrow comes,
I’ll carry you away to my favorite horizons,
While painting pictures in your mind.

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