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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Night sky illuminated without sun, As drums echo across the skies. Blood pumping fast, With rain running into our eyes. Calling reveille to the sons and daughters, The devout and the devoid. Cower in fear or be lost in the thrill, Our story ends the same.

Rich smells of earth,Rising high into the air,Like autumn in the woods,After rain softens the fallen leaves. Every morning reveals the nights growth.Promising sweet fruits,And alimentary greens,Offered in mutual exchange. Health, wonder, and joy,For safety, care, and propagation.We thought us the masters,But who really trained who?

It’s a time that feels so long ago,When you’d grab my hand, pulling me down the trail,Desire to share your discovery glowing behind your eyes in the morning sun. Days spent with minds and arms tangled in the kitchen,Ingredients and instructions shouted over the melodies filling the air,Hips bumping me away from the counter, because I’m chopping entirely wrong. Evenings gathered around a table too small,Nearly tipping your beer as you reach… Read More

He was born to a powerful family.Her birth cost her her mothers life. His parents left him to the servants, who raised him as another head of cattle in the stockade, a product with a function.She cried as her father walked away from her life, disgust twisting his gaunt face, he never could forgive what she did. He woke with tears in his eyes, after nightmares of leather splitting the skin on… Read More

Dear Fellow Traveler, Tell me about your journey,The places you’ve seen, the people you’ve met. Tell me about the sights that have changed your life,The conversations that shattered your reality. Don’t leave out a single detail,The good, the lousy, or the mundane. If you have the time,I’ll pour the tea. Your Fellow Traveler,Tony

Nine,I take a seat. The morning sun highlights the dust dancing through the air,As soft rhythms form sweet melodies through my head. Just past the window a young squirrel leaps between trees,Cheeks chubby with new spring seeds. Breath in,Cool scent of lavender stirs life into my sleepy lungs. Breath out,Muscles relax into the soft fabric beneath me. Nine thirty,Sorry to keep you waiting sir. No problem,I wasn’t waiting.