On example

I have always had a strong passion in the things I believe to be right. In the past, I used to argue my side vigorously. Condemn the opposition, denounce the bystanders. I thought if I fought hard enough, people would finally understand.

I never convinced a soul.

Years later, my mania turned to zeal. The dedication I felt for these causes never waned, but my direction shifted. No longer did I seek out confrontation, debate, arguments; they were exhausting. Instead I focused on doing my best to live up to my beliefs.

Nurtured ethical eating habits.
Avoided unnecessary wastefulness.
Taught myself to grow food.
Unlearned my consumerist lifestyle.
Recorded my laws for life.
Expressed my love for the Earth.

No longer did I expect to convert anyone, my actions were for myself, my ecosystem, and my home.

One day when getting groceries with my roommate of the time, I offered them a reusable bag. Not while condemning their choice of plastic, it was habit to being them. Nah, the world is a mess, let it burn. It was said in jest, but there were real feeling there. If you ever want to use them, what’s mine is yours.

Several weeks later my roommate left to get groceries as I was cooking. A minute after closing the door, they came back, walked to the pantry, grabbed my reusable bag, and walked back out the door.

That was when I understood.

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One Comment on “On example

  1. Well said. I have never known of anyone that was convinced by other’s condemnation. Do what you do for you, if others want what you have, they, of their own will, will change their minds.

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