What do we Really Need

What is a necessity? What are the things you need? That answer many have changed a great deal in the last month.

When everything is continuing as planned, it’s easy to continue habits of buy, trash, buy, forget, trash, eyes down, don’t talk, ignore, trash. But when there’s a disruption, autopilot shuts down, and we have to start to think.

Before going to buy the next thing and see that, we stop, we think. “Is it worth it? What if my actions hurt someone else?”


Once the disruption ends, we may once again fall into old, easy, comfortable habits. We may stop thinking. Or maybe we may cling to our new found consciousness and truly live.

Each thing taxes the planet. Is it worth it?

Each action has an effect. Will you make is positive?

What is a necessity?


Please stay safe in these difficult times, reach out if you are in need, wash your hands, live a meaningful life.


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