1715 began the Age of Enlightenment for Europe. A time when reason, the scientific method, and progress reigned above all. A time for growth as more then a country or culture, but to grow as a species. Of course not every individual supported these ideas, the world would be very different today if they had. There will always be those who cling to any amount of power, regardless of the lives effected. But those ideas were powerful, and they spread across the globe planting seeds everywhere they went, sparking an evolution in thought.

Today I often wonder if we are returning to an age prior to enlightenment.

From a time when individuals were encouraged to explore the world with all senses open and aware, now we are encouraged to stare into a device and ignore the world around us.

Walking into traffic while staring at a screen

Missing the bird songs to hear the same playlist played on repeat

Once every education began with the statement “mistrust arguments from authority”, now we are shamed for being curious.

What a nerd

I can’t believe you would even think that

When once we lived as a part of the natural world, now the natural world lives in spite of us.

Just throw it away and buy another

I don’t see any plastic on the beach

Why should I care about some big cat on the other side of the world?

When hate, anger, and fear grow like weeds, perhaps it is become time once again to cast off our ignorance. A time to ask questions, explore our senses, be skeptical, and to make a difference. The actions we take, the words we speak, the thoughts we entertain- they are bricks used to build a monument. It’s our choice if that monument will be a symbol that unites the world, or one that tears it apart.

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