Costa Rica Day 5 (San José)

Howdy Friends,

Today was certainly a day. Started off fairly nondescript. After a horrible night’s sleep, had a fairly lazy morning before making my way down a few blocks to the museum district. I explored a little before finally getting into the National History museum (which didn’t open until 0830.)

Costa Rica has a very interesting history up until the Spanish arrived. Once the European powers began their colonial conquest, Costa Rica has the sad, devestating history that is so unfortunately not unique among Latin countries.

After a little sadness from the history museum, I made my way to the Toucan Rescue Ranch just north of San José. I got there painfully early (because it’s just what I do,) and had a little chat with a worker before making my way around the little town to look for some fruit to snack on. After getting back to the rescue, I met one of the biologists working there who, after I expressed interest in working at the rescue, all but offered me an internship. Is it possible to say yes any faster?

Turns out is it possible because I didn’t say yes. But believe me, if my graduate application gets rejected, this time I’ll really be booking a one way ticket.

The rescue itself is an amazing organization run by truly inspired people. They clearly have a passion of these animals and it shows. They boast a 98% odd of any sloth taken in to the rescue being able to be released back to the wild. These people are a true gem in the world.

As all good things do, my tour ended as the rain began to pour and I found myself waiting for an Uber, while painfully letting my friends book get waterlogged in my bag (I know, the most heinous mortal sin.) As I’m waiting, I hear this barking and turn to see this mangy dog growling at me. I figure, maybe I’m in his turf, I’ll just walk down a bit, chill. Well no. This bad boy follows me, growling and snarling. Now there’s other dogs joining in on the barking. Here I am, soaked, holding my bag in one hand to fend off angry dogs, phone in the other, praying if I keep glancing at the screen, my Uber will pull up faster. Well finally he pulls up and I all but dive into the car, dogs nipping at my heels.

The rest of the night went by mostly as you’d expect, now just waiting for my last day where I’ll be headed to Miguel Antonio to spend my last day on the beach. And I’ll drink to that.

Little Costa Rica lesson to end the day; don’t speak the language? No problem, I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know… Pura Vida


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