Costa Rica day 2 (Arenal)

Hello Friends,

I arrived in San José this morning at 01:30. I ended up taking a taxi to a hostel near the bus station (mistake, Ubers are way cheaper here.) Anyways, I got into my little bunkbed and sat there unable to sleep until some time around 03:30. At 05:30 I’m up and heading to the bus station to get a ride bound to La Fortuna. Now you wanna talk cheap? That bus took 5 hours and cost me about 5 dollars (suck on that $50 taxi.)

Once I arrive in La Fortuna I made the wonderful discovery that I had no data service on my phone. That meant finding my hostel by constructing an intricate compass utilizing the sun’s shadows, using all those knots I learned in boy scouts, and pure survival determination.

I’m reality… I got lucky

So that fun out of the way I found a little mo-ped rental that I used to take me towards the beautiful mountain of fire, volcano Arenal.

Ain’t she a beauty? And still steaming. She’s got a temper it seems. I honestly can’t wait to get home and edit the photos I took of her. I’m really excited.

Now, that’s it for today, volcano, saw the lake (didn’t swim cause there were already enough insects in my face with the mo-ped,) hike in the jungle, and ending it with some nice beers before crashing out to catch up on a little sleep.

Zip lining and La Fortuna waterfall tomorrow!

Have a great night,


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