Costa Rica Day 1 (Travel Day)

Hello friends,

I left last night to visit my sister, asking if she would take me to the airport in the morning; being my wonderful sister she agreed (love you.) Sadly, me being me, I realized I left my phone at her house halfway to the airport (sigh.)

Fortunately, her roommate is another wonderful human, and she volunteered to take me to the airport.

I met up with my good friend who works at the airport while I waited (since my flight wouldn’t leave for another 4 hours,) and then read for a couple hours after his shift ended. As I’m reading, I get an update my flight was delayed 4 hours which would cause me to miss my connection in Chicago.

Off I go to the counter to see if I can get any information on the flight and, following Tony’s Law #8, end up having a very pleasant conversation with the agent who rebooks me straight to Fort Lauderdale. As thanks, I bought both agents a cup of coffee (they were 7 hours into a 12 hour shift, whew,) and we talked for a while about photography and writing.

I may have another 5 hours to wait for my new flight (for a total of about 11 hours at the airport,) but while there’s been plenty of opportunity for stress and complaints, I’m all smiles here.

It’s all part of the journey, as long as you’re walking down a path that has a good heart, you’ll always be in good company.

Take care friends, and talk soon,


2 Comments on “Costa Rica Day 1 (Travel Day)

  1. Loved reading how you did not let a situation that could be very stressful (who likes long waits at the airport?), not ruin your day and made the best out of it. I am inspired!

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