Hair and culture

I’ve been wanting to start cutting my own hair for a while. I wont have to spend money on the haircut, I’ll save time en route to the barber, I can compost my hair (it’s actually really a great source of nitrogen for your compost), but I’ll be the first to admit it’s a little intimidating. For one, there’s the challenge of seeing the back of your head (or your entire head if you have to remove your glasses), but that can be overcome with a little patience and body contortion. The most significant challenge is facing the potential of looking awful and dealing with it. I like to say I don’t care what people think, and societal standard are garbage (which they are), but it’s still hard to overcome when it’s the society you’ve been raised in.

I have a very small wardrobe, so I find myself wearing the same clothes several time. Many of them are old and worn, most have patches and stitches covering a lifetime of holes and tears.. and yet it’s hair that gives me trouble. The keratin constantly growing out of our scalps holds so much power in our culture, just look at all the advertisements and products dedicated for just that simple little protein structure.

Well I finally did it. I took an old pair of clippers and went at it. I messed up, I laughed, I cut shorter, laughed, messed up, cut, finished. It’s not perfect, and I think I’m good with that.

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