Sage on a Mountain

There was a sage living atop a great mountain,
Her temple was crafted by the Earth,
With columns of stone,
And a canopy of leaves.

Many sought the wisdom of the sage,
They would climb the cliffs and ledges,
Suffering the winds and sun,
Until they reached her summit.

The temple had no doors,
Simply a wide open arch,
Beckoning all who pass to enter,
And find sanctuary within her halls.

As the sage walked forward,
Pilgrims would fall to their knees,
Some would weep,
Others looked on in awe.

Help me find peace,
Show me the truth,
Give me your guidance,
Offer me your wisdom.

The sage would smile,
Warm and full of tenderness,
As she poured two steaming cups,
Of aromatic, earthy tea.

Sitting face to face,
Hands clasped in hers,
The world began to melt away,
And reality took new form.

A mother elephant shielded her calf from arrows,
Two orcas danced through the seas,
Millions of stars filled the field of view,
The warmth of her hands flowed through the body.

All eyes open,
The pilgrim sat alone,
Where the journey began,
Ready to depart.

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