It’s Okay

Some days you get writers block for a few hours, some times you get a life encompassing mental block for weeks.

The world doesn’t end, your progress isn’t wasted, it’s okay.

I started writing on WordPress to be a place I can record and organize the thoughts bouncing around my head. I wanted to write daily, or at least every other day. I wanted to explore poetry, showcase my photography, connect with people, and I wanted to do it consistently.

The last post I published was on 30 December 2019.. today is 21 January 2020.

22 days I juggled stress of leaving a job I did not enjoy, trying to find a new job before starting graduate school, getting my application for graduate school actually submitted for the semester later then I intended due to several missteps, trying to stay on top of my health, minimizing my impact our beautiful Earth mother… all while being to depressed to care.

And that’s okay.

Depressive episode can be so hard to break out of, the longer you stay in that mindset, the more your brain tells you you’ve ruined everything, you failed, why bother trying again. It’s hard. Some times the only option you have left is to stop trying to break out, remember what is truly necessary for life, and only focus on that, even if that means letting other things fall short.

Sleep, eat, drink, get some form of exercise, shelter yourself from the elements. That’s the goal. Something many of us do daily without thinking, but when it becomes your goal, your drive.. it becomes a success, and each additional success builds a mighty platform to help free you from you mental bindings.

Sometimes that’s what it takes.

Depression and mental disorders happen, it’s okay. We get sick, scrap our elbows, break a bone, eat bad food, it happens, it’s okay.

Some days you just need to remind yourself, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

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