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Monthly Archives: December 2019

How many cycles have spun since the last time the Earth took breath beneath your feet I hate the feeling of grass When was the last time your eyes closed over galaxies spreading across the universe I hate bugs How many years have been marked away since you felt the rush of the wild river flowing with your soul I hate being cold Have you ever been so still that nature begins… Read More

Intrapersonal Conflict Mistakes have been made. Solutions are transparent. Yet I hesitate. Getting towards the “holiday season” yields so many interesting emotions varying between every individual. Some lucky ones have nothing but elation and joy, holiday cheer filling every corner of their homes. The majority of us however, have a cloudy spot in our vision, small or large, that can blur out much of that pleasure. Getting past the politics, history, and… Read More

Conflict Unthanked service, fogged honorDays of celebration, nights of sorrowMany come, so few leaveAccumulation of choices, mistakesDevote, distrustSacrifice, disloyalAnguish, apathyPleasure, assessmentA quite end, thunderous beginningFade to sleep, ceaselessSimple dreams, an unending nightmareWhere is he, I’m lostCalm, terrorConfused, stunnedConcern, memoriesFound, goneCrave home, demand answersDad, I miss you, I’m sorryPlease erase, recordsDad, I’m confused, where do I go nextShame, condemnedWorry, callousRegret, harriedEmpty, static Many things have been changing for me in my life recently…. Read More