Young and alone,
Streets plagued with rats.
Offered food and a home,
Given shackles and labor.

New arms to swing axes,
Fresh backs to be painted.
Each crack and split,
Harvesting dreams and hope.

Never an answer,
Only the phantasms call.
Fear taken root,
Blossoming with hate.

Born for greatness,
Consumed with vengeance.
No sacrifice too great,
Power reaps reward.

No chains left to bind her,
New chains forged in chaos.
Conflict of mind,
Feeding the soil.

Courage through power,
Temperance in fear,
Liberality through punishment,
Magnificence as ruler,
Pride in the plan,
Honor among slaves,
Equanimity a tool,
Conviviality a lie,
Truth through delusion,
Wit for a fool,
Friendship is purchased
Justice is demanded

Voices say she’s wrong,
History supports her.
Voices beg to stop,
The tree hungers.

The soil is fertile,
But the sun wont shine.
Solitary atop the hill,
Where the wind binds the leaves.

Manacles sprouting from the air,
Shelter behind the tree,
Wind calls to repent,
Quiet in the canopy.

I’ve always found duality in the mind a fascinating and horrifying subject. History of events through life have such significant impact on human psychology is can be seen throughout the cells that form our bodies. Ryella is a character in a story I’ve been writing who was enslaved at a young age. Despite having the potential to achieve greatness in life, as all individuals have, the trauma of her life as seeded anger throughout every moment of her thoughts. After escape through the sacrifice of others, she establishes a massive underground crime organization in search of great power to destroy the ones who enslaved her. While her ambition may be noble, her employs the tactics used by those who once oppressed her. This duality between her overarching desire for peace and the actions she has deemed necessary to achieve this fractures her mind and drives her into madness.

I’m not sure how the story will end. There may be a happy conclusion, there may be no conclusion. Perhaps I will sit under the tree, shielded from the wind, and wonder.

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