Squall’s Embrace

The sea rages around us,
Thunder crashes down.

Wood splits across the deck,
The mast ignites and roars in flame.

Deck hands charge from stern to bow,
Frenzy to save the Squall’s Embrace.

Sails approach over the horizon,
Deep in black and glowing.

Impossible speed beckons her forward,
Hull riddled with holes and scorched beyond repair.

Gun ports spring open,
A hail of stone and lead.

No soul maintains the attacking vessel,
Only revenants shrieking for new comrades.

Rotting arms rise from the water,
Dragging bloated corpses over the gunwale.

The kettle whistles..

Pages rest on the table,

Steep my tea,

Bask in the sun through the window.

Warm mug in hang,

Blanket across my legs,

I rejoin the fight.

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