On applications and grumbling

Passion in knowledge
Guidance on a forward path
Applications suck

Being officially between jobs, as people say instead of unemployed (I’m not entirely sure why), and in pursuit of continuing my education I’m completely swamped in applications. Every job requires a slightly different format for their application and every school has slightly different standards. Every one just different enough to essentially make the process go from a simple [copy] [paste] to rebuilding the entire report from the ground up.

I’m beginning to think that the application process is really more of a filter to determine who cares enough.. who’s passionate enough about what they’re applying for that they accept the mountains of paperwork and tedium required to get there. I hope my thirst of knowledge and drive make themselves visible through the mundane questions of salary and education history.

Okay, two paragraphs of complaining are probably enough to relieve a bit of the stress and more then anyone wants to read. Honestly, things are looking fairly positive right now. Everyone needs to vent a little to relieve a bit of stress right? I think that’s normal. With my test 2 days away, opportunities are opening and the future is looking bright..

..If I can finish these applications…

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