I’ve been told poetry helps

Once was home, now just memories


Unthanked service, fogged honor
Days of celebration, nights of sorrow
Many come, so few leave
Accumulation of choices, mistakes

Devote, distrust
Sacrifice, disloyal
Anguish, apathy
Pleasure, assessment

A quite end, thunderous beginning
Fade to sleep, ceaseless
Simple dreams, an unending nightmare
Where is he, I'm lost

Calm, terror
Confused, stunned
Concern, memories
Found, gone

Crave home, demand answers
Dad, I miss you, I'm sorry
Please erase, records
Dad, I'm confused, where do I go next

Shame, condemned
Worry, callous
Regret, harried
Empty, static

Many things have been changing for me in my life recently. Between recent graduation from university, coming home from deployment, separating with the military, I find myself at a crossroads in life. Many choices to chose from in where to go next, but such little information on where each road leads. A map would be beautiful.. I suppose the only way to know is to walk the path..

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